You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped Daisy STEM shop become a reality 


We are thrilled that everyone who purchases our handmade cotton rag dolls, knows they are getting an authentic Daisy STEM Shop doll worthy of the most inquisitive child.

– Alla D
Daisy STEM Founder

Before I created Daisy STEM, I was a stay-at-home mom with a newborn. Between diaper changes, naps and feedings; my days were busy but mundane to say the least.
Then one day, while looking through aaaaaaall the kids toys in stores and online, I noticed there were many inspiring toys and clothes for boys but only princess and unicorns for girls. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with princesses and unicorns, but not all girls like princess and unicorns or they may have other interests as well. There really aren’t many dolls that encompass all kinds of interests that little girls may have.

So, I had an idea!

What if I could use my sewing skills, that I acquired when I was 11 in Ukraine, to do something about it. What if I can bring dolls to life that encompass all the interests that little girls may have. Favorites like dinosaurs, airplanes, trucks, cars, doctors, astronauts and even inspiring women of the world. I wanted to take all these ideas and package them in an adorable dolly that looks just like the girl who plays with it. I was concerned that maybe it wasn’t needed and that’s why there weren’t many products like this out there.

But then …

I realized that a doll with dinosaurs on her dress would be an awesome doll if I was a kid obsessed with dinosaurs. I’d finally have someone to invite to all my tea parties and we could share the same interest and conversations while sipping our tea. I wanted to give moms, caregivers, grandmothers and cool aunts more options and more variety when it comes to shopping for dollies for their young explorers, dreamers and doers.

I set out to create the most whimsical, inspiring, encouraging dolls for the most curious child in the world.

It turns out …

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

When figuring out the type of doll to make I had to create a few different patterns and test them out. The first one was ok but it was just too amateur looking. The second pattern I used was just too big. But the third pattern I tried, was just right. 😊 The dollie was small enough to bring along and big enough to NOT get lost. It was the perfect size.

But I didn’t want to just create another handmade heirloom dolly … 

I wanted the Daisy STEM brand to be meaningful in some way. And that’s when I realized that there aren’t many encouraging and inclusive dolls out there on the market. I want to change that, by introducing dolls that are just like your daughter or your son. Yes, I make boy dolls too. There are new collections being released every three months.

I’ve got to be honest with you …

I feared no one would like the dolls I made. I think every creator goes through that feeling at one point or another. But as I kept releasing new collections, more and more of you showed up for me and my family and most importantly this awesome dream of all-inclusive encouraging dolls.

I hope to continue to create dolls and doll accessories that you want, that your curious child loves to play with and get inspired with.

Daisy STEM – plant the seed of wonder in the great minds of the future